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Wilmount Engineering Products Ltd serves the commercial, industrial and utility markets as a local sales and support company for the following Manufacturers.

Representatives for the following Manufacturers  

Royal Switchgear Manufacturing Company 

Royal Switchgear offers a full line of three-phase group operated disconnect switchgear for substation, transmission and sub-transmission applications. The product line includes substation and distribution hookstick disconnects, standard and V-type center break, vertical break and side break units. Royal's group operated units are sturdy, rugged and designed for years of reliable operation.

Siemens RuggedCom 

Rugged communication products for harsh industrial and utility environments. Fully managed switches, routers, serial servers. Wireless switches and WiMAX systems. 

Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering has been serving the electric power industry by providing diagnostic instruments, services and knowledge for 85 years. The company also maintains the industry's most extensive resource library of apparatus test results and knowledge. Testing equipment for circuit breaker diagnostics, relay testing, partial discharge detection, transformer insulation analysis, transformer sweep frequency response analysis and more

Radian Research Inc

Radian Research Inc. is the recognized industry leader in North America for watthour reference standards, watthour meter test accessories and automated laboratory calibration systems. Radian provides both portable and primary watthour reference standards that are absolutely unequaled in accuracy, stability and reliability. Radian customers typically consist of electric utility companies, watt-hour meter manufacturers, watthour meter test board manufacturers and governmental bureaus of energy measurement reference.

GE Multilin

Substation Automation and Protection & Control of Critical Assets

GridEdge Networks (previously Amperion)

GridEdge Networks provides broadband powerline communication solutions to electric utilities that make the grid smarter at the lowest cost. 

Systems With Intelligence

Systems With Intelligence (SWI) provides substation hardened intelligent video monitoring solutions for the protection of critical infrastructure within the electric utility. SWI's video monitoring solution provides highly reliable operation in harsh environments to ensure the electric utility's mission critical operations are effectively protected against outside intrusion and disruption.

Ofil Systems

Ofil is a leader firm for designing and developing of Solar Blind UV systems using proprietary UV-c Band-Pass filtering technology, the DayCor® Technology. Ofil's DayCor® product family enables optical detection of UV signals in full daylight, for the power distribution markets, civil, homeland security and law enforcement purposes. Ofil's range of products includes hand-held, airborne and vehicle mounted corona detection systems.

Arbiter Systems

Arbiter Systems offers GPS based precision timing clocks, battery powered 3-phase portable power meters, synchronized power measurement products featuring synchrophasor measurement (PMU) compatible technology, and metrology based power measurement and calibration instruments.

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